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Carl's TV & Vacuum Don’t Nix it. FIX IT!
Don’t Nix it. FIX IT!
  • Since 1958 Carl's TV & Vacuum, A  Father & Son business has serviced the North Penn area with pride!  We provide quality sales and repair service for a wide range of consumer electronic categories. We always provide service after the sale.

  • Our Mission is to cost effectively repair and service your electronic device and prevent them from entering the landfill.

  • Your Electronic Device Category Not Listed?  Give a call to ask us!

Carl's TV & Vacuum Component Level Repair
Component Level Repair

Being able to troubleshoot circuits to component level rather then circuit board replacement has always been a more efficient and cost effective repair for our customers OLED, LED, LCD or Plasma TV's.

In most cases we can replace failed components with higher rated and more robust parts to reduce the possibility of repeat failure.  This will save money.

Carl's TV & Vacuum Component Level Repair On Vacuum Cleaners
Component Level Repairs on Vacuums?  Yes!

A lot of vacuums today are now using circuit boards.  Knowing how to do component level repair gives us the advantage over our competition! 


Component level repair on circuit boards makes a better and a more  cost effective repair.  Our competition just don't have the tools for this.

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