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Television Repair Service

  • Since 1958, Carl's TV & Vacuum, A Father & Son business celebrating over 60 years of television repair.  Servicing Montgomery and Bucks County with pride! 


  • Carry-In TV Repair Service is the most cost effective method of repair for any category of TV you may have.  As large as some of these televisions may seem, OLED, 4K, LED, LCD, Plasma, DLP and LCD Projection TV's are much lighter then they look. 


        (See list of brands and categories we service)


  • In-Home TV Repair Service for those who can not carry in their TV.  We service & repair most all brands and categories of consumer electronics in your home: We repair wide screen TV's, LED TV,s LCD TV's, LCD rear projection TV's, DLP TV's, plasma TV's, projection TV's, CRT TV's in your home.

  • You provide the brand of TV, model number and complaint.  Our staff will research your model in advance to provide our service technician with all the service literature, service manuals and parts we can in an effort to repair your unit in your home.

  • Keep In Mind Our Technician may determine some or all of your TV may need to come into our shop for further evaluation.  Additional shop charges will apply at this point.  Keep in mind, carry In service is the best option.

Component Level Repair Done
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